On the road to Amsterdam 750 year

29 Oktober 2018

Together with other creative entrepreneurs who are based in Amsterdam, Lionel gave his vision of what Amsterdam will look like in 2025. The meeting took place at Pakhuis de Zwijger


Exhibition gallery HE.RO

4 August until 8 September 2018

Lionel participated in the first exhibition organized by Borst & van Gelderen. The exhibition with the title 'The man who took the tram' was shown at HE.RO
A quote from B&vG: 'From the first day we saw Lionel's work, we knew we will support this artist. We are also going to exhibit his art outside the walls of 'outsider' locations. Both the works with metro lines and the drawings on which is written only, we find beautiful.'


Publication Het Parool

21 July 2018

On the day the North-South line was opened, a work by Lionel could be seen including new North-South line at the dutch newspaper Het Parool.
This new metro line in Amsterdam, which took 20 years to complete, has been occupying his mind for a long time: next to it being a great new adventure, it also meant loss: the close down of bus route 32. By way of saying goodbye Lionel  took one more ride with bus 32, in the week before the opening of the North-South line, on July 21st 2018.


Premiere documentairy Outsider Art

14 April 2018

Director Jan Wouter van Reijen from Doceyfilm made seven portraits of artists, including Lionel. April 14, 2018 was the premiere in Kriterion. In 2019 the documentary will be shown on TV. It is a coproduction with AVROTROS (Close up).


Museum night at the Outsider Art Museum

4 November 2017

During the museum night people could watch live Lionel drawing.